SeaWorld Orlando


Here is where I am going to say that I understand that Sea World is a bit of a controversial subject and I get it.  I really do.  However I love  Sea World and if you don’t then please check out one of my other posts.

It seems like no trip to Orlando is complete for me until we hit Sea World.  It is a great one day park.   I do recommend getting there early because it is a full day, but yes you can see it all in one day.

So why do I love Sea World?  First I just love the ocean and the animals in the ocean.  Not sure why since I didn’t grow up around the ocean, but I always have.  I love the conservation that Sea World supports.  They rescue, rehab and release a lot of animals.  They also donate a lot of money to researching animals in the wild. Last time we were there we took short tour that focused on the rehabilitation of animals and we got to go behind the scenes to see some of the animals and where they keep them.  They had also just opened up part of that area for the public.  You could go back and see where they keep manatees they have rescued and hope to release.  I have included a picture of a baby manatee that they had rescued.  It was very excited about feeding time!

FB_IMG_1515873164661      FB_IMG_1515873146798


Here is more information about their rescue programs if you are interested.  Sea World Rescue and Rehabilitation

Sea World has rides for everyone in your group.  They have some great roller coasters for thrill seekers and they have a kiddie area with rides that are a lot less intense.   There are some amazing shows that feature animals and are educational and fun.  You can get up close to a lot of animals and sometimes even touch or feed them.

Last time we also did Dining with Shamu.  I highly recommend this if you can fit it into your day.  You have a buffet style meal while the trainers are working with some of the orcas.  You are really up close and personal as you can see by the pictures! They have Killer Whale Close Up Tour now also that I can’t wait to take.

FB_IMG_1515873121602   FB_IMG_1515873182046


Aquatica-   Sea World also has a water park with a lot of fun rides for everyone in the family.

Discovery Cove-  Is an all day, all inclusive park experience.  The number of people in the park is pretty limited so make sure to reserve in advance.   You can have a dolphin encounter, ride on the lazy river, snorkel a coral reef, check out the aviary or just lay on the beach.   If you go to Discovery Cove then your admission to Sea World and  Aquatica is included.


If you have any questions about Sea World or the other parks please let me know.  As always I would love to hear about your favorite things about Sea World in the comments, please keep them positive.  Again I really understand if you don’t agree but we will have to politely disagree on this one.          941-223-2438


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