My favorite breakfast

I have discovered over the years that one of the very best things about traveling is trying new foods. Sometimes you even find things to attempt to copy at home.  This happened when we stayed at Biltmore.  Breakfast at The Village Social was included in our stay.  I was expecting a buffet or a cheap basic breakfast, but NO!   They had a wonderful breakfast menu to choose from.    Ian got a typical breakfast but I chose the Crab and Pesto Scrambled Eggs.  Now I admit this could easily have gone wrong very quickly but I had to try it.  All I can say is WOW!  It was amazing.  Somewhere in the middle of this wonderful concoction was a bunch of new potatoes.  They were wonderful but I decided part of the way through this monster of a breakfast that they were just filler and needed to go.

The picture just does not do it justice.   20171027_090942 (1)

After breakfast Ian asked if I thought I could make it because he wanted it for all special holidays.  Or sometimes just because it was Sunday.  Since it was a pretty simple dish I said that it wouldn’t be a problem to attempt at home.   While we were shopping for all our Thanksgiving goodies Ian reminded me that I had said I could make it for holidays and sent me over to look for crab while we were shopping at Costco.  I found the crab, cringed a little at the price and told him this was now the most expensive breakfast that he had ever had and since it was Costco we might be having it more than one day.  It was a LOT of crab!

Thanksgiving morning rolls around and Ian bounds down the stairs full of excitement.  I tried to talk him into another day over the break but he was very insistent that it be ON Thanksgiving so off to the kitchen I go.

It is a pretty easy and impressive breakfast to make.  First you just scramble eggs however you prefer to scramble them. When they were close to being done I warmed up the crab in another pan.  I put the scrambled eggs on our plates and added pesto and mixed it up then put the crab on top. Then I grated fresh Parmesan cheese on top and it was done.  Ian was a happy, happy man.

Here is my version.





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