About your stateroom

As you are planning your vacation be aware that there are a wide variety of cabin types and a wide range of prices for cabins.  You can book anything from a simple and small inside cabin or a luxurious suite. Basically you will have 4 main choices: inside, ocean view, balcony or suite.  Sometimes there are a wide variety of options within each category.   After choosing your category then you also have to choose the location of your room.  You will need to look at things like do you need to be near an elevator, do you want to be near the pool, do you want a room that is quieter, do you get seasick, do you plan on spending a lot of time in your room or is it just a place to get dressed and sleep?  These are all very important questions and can help you, or your travel agent, determine the right room for you.

You should be aware that most rooms are on the small side.  Storage is at a minimum and hopefully your  suitcases will fit under your bed. The bathrooms are usually very small.  As a matter of fact bending over to shave your legs can become a challenge.  *Travel tip: instead of trying to shave in the shower get out your conditioner and a wash rag.  Put your foot on the toilet lid and wet your leg then add some conditioner. You may need to add more water until you get a thin coat of conditioner on your leg.  Start shaving and rinse the razor in the sink.  Conditioner makes a great shave lotion and saves you from packing anything extra.  I did mention that rooms are small right?

Rooms on the Disney ships are a little larger and more designed for families.  Balcony cabins on most ships are a little larger than the other cabins also.  If space is something you need you may look into what ship and stateroom type is best for you.

I will be doing a video blog later this week on what to pack when you are cruising.  Remember though I said rooms are small?   The theme is going to be packing light! *Travel tip: Make sure you have what you need for the first day in your carry on.  Your luggage will be sent to your room sometime that day but there is no guarantee on what time.  You may want to put in your bathing suit and/or a change of clothes for dinner.  They usually get them to your room pretty quickly but it is better to be safe and plan ahead.

Some cruise lines like Norwegian are offering single rooms for anyone traveling solo.  I have heard that some married couples prefer them also in case one partner has trouble sleeping or snores.  Norwegian has a lounge area that is just for the solo travelers so that you can meet other singles easily if you want to be social.

Several cruise lines are also offering high end rooms that have special perks.  They may offer round the clock butler service, concierge service, free access to some parts of the spa, a private pool and sun deck as well as private lounges and/or dining areas.  With these options you usually get personally escorted onto and off the ship for priority embarkation and disembarkation.

Choosing a stateroom can be overwhelming when you see how many options there are.  If you have any questions feel free to contact me!

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