Afraid you will be bored on a cruise? Think again!

As I mentioned in a previous blog I have cruised to several destinations and I am always shocked when people say they don’t think there will be enough to do on the ship.  They think they will be bored.  THINK AGAIN!   On “at sea” days the cruise director staff has so many activities that you cannot possibly attend all of them.  They are a mix of fun, active, corny, educational and hilarious.  Often they have educational talks about whatever country or region you are going to from experts on the ship.  When I cruised in Alaska they had park rangers from Glacier Bay come out to the ship by a little boat and give talks about the park and glaciers.

For the more active person there are also a lot of options.  Some ships have go carts, watersides, surf simulators, indoor skydiving, rock walls,

ice rinks, zip lines, rope courses and a wide variety of fitness classes plus a great gym.  Activities like this vary a lot from ship to ship and a few of them might cost a little extra.

There are a lot of great shows and live music on the ship for most of the day and night.  The shows are amazingly good and you can find a wide variety of live performers in different areas of the ship.  If you would like to dance the night away there are usually ballroom dancing classes offered by the dancers from the shows.   There are also clubs with great music for dancing not of the ballroom variety.

For kids the pool area is always fun and they have kids camps available to  help keep them entertained.  I talked to a lot of parents on the ships that were unsure about the kids camps, and their kids weren’t really wanting to go, but after the first day they didn’t want to leave.  One parent went to pick up her child early and the child had a tantrum.  After that she showed up right as they were closing and was thrilled that she was having such a great time.  Some of the cruise lines only hire staff that have education degrees so they have fun and educational activities.

Cruise director activities could include bingo, hair leg contests by the pool, pool games like volleyball, cooking classes, liquor tastings, crafts, trivia games and many others.  It is ok to go ahead and be silly and enjoy some of these games or activities.  You are on vacation and it is time to let go and have fun!

On days in port there are fewer activities but they still have some, plus you can go out and explore the port or take a shore excursions.  And trust me, the only problem with shore excursions is narrowing down which one you want to take!  Some of the shore excursions I did were snorkeling in Alaska, whale watching, a train tour up the White Mountain pass, horseback riding, a ghost tour, garden tour, dolphin encounters and Sting Ray city in the Cayman Islands.  There are very active shore excursions or bus tours of the city/region where you are going.  If you want to spend a beach day there is usually a bus that will transport you to a nearby beach.

Ships also have amazing spas with a wide variety of services.  These are usually a little pricey so if that is something you are really interested in you may want to budget in a little more spending money.  These services book up quickly for at sea days so if you know you want to do this when you are at sea then book quickly once you get on the ship.

There is also gambling, great bars, shopping and don’t forget just sunbathing or enjoying the pool.  Many ships have adult only areas or pools so if this is important to you make sure your ship has this available.

Most ships offer a tour of available activities and areas of the ship like the spa or fitness area on the first day of the cruise.  You will get a list of all available activities delivered to your room the night before so you can plan the next day.

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