Why Cruise?

I have always had a lot of people ask me why I like to cruise. I have been on several cruises with my mother. We went to the Caribbean, Alaska and Hawaii. Each cruise line, destination and ship are unique but here are a few reasons I like it.
1. All Inclusive, kind of– Once you get the final price for your cruise you don’t have to pay anything except gratuities. You can pre-pay those or pay at the end of your cruise. Most cruise lines do let you change amounts and who gets tipped while you are on your cruise. Other things you may choose to include are drink packages, shore excursions and wi-fi. Depending on cruise line, destination and room category, you may be able to get at least one of these things for free.
2. EASY! – Once you get onto the ship everything is very easy. No more worries and let the vacation begin!
3. Something for everyone– You can honestly do as much or as little as you like on a ship. There are a lot of activities you can join in or you can do nothing. They all have a fitness center and group classes, spa, pool and handy dandy fun things planned by the cruise director and their staff. A lot of ships have fun things like water slides, ice rinks, surfing simulators and more. There are also a lot of entertainment options. There are also great kid’s camps on most ships with fun activities for kids of all ages.
4. You can be as social as you want- My mother always met all kinds of people on the ships. Some she stayed in touch with for years after.
5. Several destinations and only unpack once- yeah, that kind of rocks.
6. FOOD!!!– Yes the food on the ships is good, usually really really good. And plentiful. You should never have any problems finding something that everyone likes. Want to try something new but scared? No problem, if you don’t like it then you can get something else,,, and there is no charge!
7. Value My mother and I once went on a cruise for Christmas. The following year we decided to drive to Key West, she lived in FL so that was easy, and spend a couple of days. We spent 1 night in Key Largo and 3 nights in Key West. The 7 day cruise was cheaper.
8. Easy International Travel Many cruises stop in several countries. This means no or fewer international flights. Having recently done multiple international flights, trust me, so much easier!
Have any questions about cruising, feel free to ask!

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